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Uxbridge plucks plan for backyard chickens


UXBRIDGE: In keeping with a recent report from the Durham Agricultural Advisory Committee (DAAC), as well as Durham Regional Council, local councillors recently voted against allowing backyard chickens in the urban and rural settlement areas of Uxbridge Township, which includes towns, villages, and hamlets.

Earlier in March, councillors referred the recent report on backyard chickens from the DAAC and regional council to staff, for a report. At their meeting, on the morning of Monday, March 18th, the report from, Director of By-law and Animal Services, Hilary Williams was included in the agenda.

In her report, Ms. Williams cited information from the DAAC/Regional Council reports, when outlining the position to continue to not allow raising backyard chickens in the township. Among the concerns expressed, there are included the potential spread of avian flu, the potential spread of other diseases to existing livestock (particularly poultry farms), and the increased potential for backyard chickens to attract additional pests and predators.

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