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Uxbridge is “bridging the gap” for local seniors

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UXBRIDGE: If you’re a new senior living in the Township of Uxbridge, you may not know what resources are available. Bridge the Gap can help.

“The development of the content [for Bridge the Gap] was thanks to the efforts of Township staff,” explained Councillor Bruce Garrod. “Specifically Hunter Jarvis and Jennifer Noble.”

The initiative for Bridge the Gap started when the Age-Friendly committee of the Council and the Township of Uxbridge applied for a provincial grant.

Bridge the Gap was fully paid for by the Province of Ontario’s ‘Ministry of Seniors and Accessibility,’ and the creative development of the guide was provided by a local company called Take Root Creative. There are also articles, created by the Age-Friendly committee of Council, included within the Bridge the Gap guide.

The Township of Uxbridge wrote, on their website: “Without the funding of the Provincial government and collaboration with the Age-Friendly Committee, this project would not have come to fruition.”

“This magazine was created to ensure all seniors have access to a directory of services they are likely to be interested in,” explained Councillor Garrod. He went on to add, “It’s much more than a phone book.”

Bridge the Gap also has helpful and informative articles included within its pages. The guide outlines resources available to older adults living in Uxbridge. There is information about all kinds of resources, from healthcare to volunteer opportunities throughout the community.

It acts as a “one-stop” source, making it easier for older people to engage within the Uxbridge community and stay connected.

The Township of Uxbridge recognizes not all older Uxbridge residents have internet or computer access, so there are physical copies of Bridge the Gap available to residents who prefer keeping a hardcopy at home.

You can find physical copies at many local businesses in Uxbridge, including pharmacies, the Uxbridge Seniors’ Centre, the Bridge Social and many other places throughout the Uxbridge community. All guides are free of charge.

If you have questions about Bridge the Gap, please contact the arena and recreation manager for the Township of Uxbridge, Hunter Jarvis, or Uxbridge Councillor Bruce Garrod.

If you’re a senior or older person living within the community of Uxbridge, you can find further resources by visiting or heading over to the official Ontario webpage, at


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