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Uxbridge Councillors create new Climate Committee


UXBRIDGE: Highlighting recent events both in the area and global, Council voted to approve a new Climate Committee at a recent meeting. They made the move on Monday, January 13th, following a presentation by members of the Uxbridge Climate Action Group. Members Karen Russell and Robert Brown proposed forming a new Climate Adaptation and Transition Committee. “Let’s build out the brand of Uxbridge as the Trail Capital of Canada to include pathways to a low carbon future,” Brown suggested. During their presentation, the pair noted effects of the recent Australian wildfires have already been far reaching. “This haze of dust particles has moved halfway around the globe and is now blocking out the sun in Chile and Argentina,” Russell explained. “Many of us in Uxbridge and other parts of the country suffer from this idea of ‘not in my backyard,’ we think it’s not happening here, but global tragedies affect every person on this planet, and it’s reflected in food prices and other commodities.” The pair pitched a five point plan for the Committee to Councillors: Education, Transition planning for a low-carbon future, Community empowerment and support; Energy conservation and sequestration, and Ensuring that transitions are just and fair, leaving no one behind. “Everyone in our township needs to have the information to help them understand the gravity of climate change in order to increase each individual’s capacity to create change,” added Russell. Councillors also reference recent local weather events, and the challenge shifting of weather patterns on infrastructure. “One big focus for us in Uxbridge is ensuring our infrastructure can handle the type of major weather events we’re expecting to see,” explained Mayor Dave Barton. “This weekend was an excellent example; to have that type of rain event in early January is fairly new and for our infrastructure to be able to handle that type of event we need to make sure we’re ready for it.” Follow @uxbridgeclimateaction on Instagram for the latest updates from their ongoing lecture series at Uxbridge Public Library.

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