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Uxbridge considers significant increase in development charges


UXBRIDGE: In a recent council meeting, Deputy Treasurer Carly Somers presented a compelling report advocating for substantial alterations to the township's development charges. These proposed changes, if implemented, would result in some rates nearly doubling, aiming to bolster municipal finances for essential infrastructure.

Development charges serve a crucial role in financing the capital infrastructure necessary to support municipal services for new developments. These services encompass a spectrum including roads, stormwater management, parks, and other amenities vital for community well-being.

According to Somers' report, which was part of the agenda for a special council meeting on Monday, May 6th, the current development charge for a single or semi-detached residence stands at $20,268 per unit. However, under the proposed adjustments, this figure would surge to $31,846 by month's end. Similarly, substantial hikes are anticipated across multiple residential buildings. For instance, apartment development charges are slated to rise to $26,835 from the current $15,517. Even for specialized units catering to special needs, the charge is set to nearly double from $6,967 to $11,600.

Development Services Manager Kyle Rainbow emphasized that these increases are substantiated by data, underscoring their necessity for sustaining the township's infrastructure. Importantly, Rainbow clarified that the augmented rates would not impinge upon affordable housing initiatives, as this category remains exempt from development charges.

Treasurer Tobi Lee contextualized the proposed adjustments, noting that Uxbridge's development charges currently rank as "middle of the pack" compared to neighboring municipalities. This observation highlights the township's position relative to its peers in terms of financial obligations levied on developers.

The deliberation over development charges underscores the township's commitment to balancing fiscal responsibility with sustainable growth.

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