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Thinking Big

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Billyard Insurance is new to Port Perry but not to the Insurance industry. They have been in business for 35 years and have an extensive portfolio offering insurance coverage for auto, home, business, life and travel. They also offer financial services including RESPs.

Don, the owner of the new Billyard location, and his wife were looking for an area to retire to eventually. He felt the Port Perry and Uxbridge communities, as well as the Scugog area in general, fit the bill for a great quality of life and business opportunity. Don believes in working with, and giving back to local communities. He is very excited about helping out with the many great causes supported by organizations in these areas.

Don is also looking forward to accessing the great young talent which lives in the area, by hiring and training people to become the new generation of insurance professionals! Sandy, Don’s newest addition to the Billyard team, shared that her reason for joining the Billyard team was, she sees them as a very innovative company which makes their variety of policy offerings accessible and simplified for their clientele, “A lot of people can find insurance confusing, with lots of legal terms, but it can be easy to understand if you have the right person to explain it.” shared Sandy. She loves the fact she can deal directly with her local clients but also offer them all the online services expected of a progressive organization.

Billyard is all about the relationship. The staff work for you the client, with over three dozen partner insurance companies, and so will find the best programs and claims service available to fit your situation. As a client you will deal with one staff member who sticks with you through the whole process. This way you can build a relationship with your broker, who knows what your needs are, personally, now and moving forward. Sandy stressed, your Billyard broker is your representative, working on your behalf. They are in your corner for you.

Currently, a program Don is very excited about is an exclusive Billyard pay as you go auto insurance offer. “That way you are only charged for the amount of insurance you actually use, based on your mileage. We are an exclusive provider of the CAA My Pace Insurance [program which] is really beneficial for seniors.” It is perfect for seniors, individuals working from home, or a student away from home, who aren’t driving much. The policy starts with a base rate which covers your vehicle, then you pay for the distance you drive in 1,000 km increments. According to Don this is the only program of its kind in Canada.

For those who travel throughout North America they can be reassured by the fact Billyard Insurance covers Canada, the United States and parts of Mexico. So your coverage travels with you.

To contact Billyard Insurance, during Covid-19, you can reach them by phone (905-985-0367) or email Coverage can be completed over the phone or via email, and you can get a quote online, at “Billyard” or “The Big” is deemed an essential service, so appointments can be arranged for a safe, socially distanced meeting, if necessary. Don and Sandy are aware life doesn’t just happen between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. hours, so they will happily work around your schedule. If you need an evening or weekend meeting, they can do that.

Both Sandy and Don look forward to meeting their neighbours and building lasting relationships in our community. Their office is located at 76 Water Street, in Port Perry.


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