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The Uxbridge Farmers Market is back for another season

COURTNEY McCLURE, for The Standard

UXBRIDGE: The Uxbridge Farmers Market is back for another spring and summer season. They opened on May 2nd, and the marketers must follow COVID-19 restrictive guidelines. The guidelines are listed on their website.

This year, there will be a reduced number of vendors allowed at the market. According to their website, the customer limit has been reduced as well. One person may enter at a time.

All customers are asked to travel through the market in a clockwise fashion, one-way. only. There will be a designated entrance and exit, which clients are expected to use. There is a walking lane for people to follow, and signage will be posted to direct foot traffic. Vendors and customers must always be wearing face masks, and there will also be a hand sanitizing station. They are expected to always keep a 2-metre distance (6 feet) from one another during their time at the market.

However, community booths, music and sitting areas are not available this year.

Customers are asked: not to touch anything at the vendor tables until purchasing; approach vendors only when there isn’t another customer at the booth; and while waiting in line, please keep 6 feet behind the person waiting in front of you.

The market is asking customers to please follow these COVID-19 restrictive guidelines.

On the brighter side, they are asking clients to please plan for their trip to the farmers’ market.

There is a list of vendors available on their website. Some of the vendors include: Pollin Gardens, Wheelbarrow Farms and Naomi’s Dough. All three of those businesses are full-time vendors with the Uxbridge Farmers Market. A few of the market’s part-time vendors are Soap Sense, KS Creations and Jan Hing Farms.

The Uxbridge Farmers Market is open every Sunday, starting at 9 a.m. and closing at 2 p.m. During those days, Victoria Street will be closed to traffic. There is usually parking available with Firebridge Fireplace at 168 Brock Street West and the train station at 19 Railway Street.

For updates, people are asked to follow the Market on Facebook and Instagram. Their page is called Uxbridge Farmers Market Canada on both social media platforms.

For more information surrounding updates and local vendors, please check out their website, at

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