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The Pine Ridge Garden Club

HELEN NICOLAOU, Special to The Standard

The prediction of an early spring by Wiarton Willie on Groundhog Day has given all Green Thumbs a craving for warm weather and working once again in the soil.

The retail stores have brought in stands of seed packages, available to entice us to get planning our gardens. Picking up some herb seeds will keep us satisfied until the outdoor soil has warmed, and become workable and frost free.

Choosing a Premium Organic Promix soil is a good choice to plant some herbs like basil, chive or dill seeds. Lightly cover the seeds, keeping them warm and moist. In the indoor container the seeds will sprout quickly. Herbs planted indoors are more flavourful over dried herbs and are ready at hand, providing a fresh supply to garnish soups, salads or add to the many other hearty meals still ahead.

Richters Herbs, on Hwy 47 just east of Goodwood, is a world known family business, living, working and breathing herbs since 1969. Their selection of herbs provide a wide variety of popular and rare herbs which are available to purchase as plants, seeds or dried herbs.

Upon entering the greenhouse you will be amazed at the selection of herbs arranged from A-Z. Each herb will have info about its use to help you with filling your tray. Many herbs are used for cooking, medicinally, for fabric or wool dye and for accenting crafts.

If you plan on buying lavender it can be overwhelming with the choice of 21 varieties to choose from. But if sage was on your list, then this herb takes you from cooking or crafting to fragrant, flowering sages. The flowering sages attract bees, butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden. It’s truly a great place to visit and enjoy a calm day brousing.

Our guest speaker, for Tuesday March 15th, 2022, at 7:30 p.m., will be Helen Battersby by Zoom, presenting – The Winter Vacation You Didn’t Take. Featuring “Gardens of Ireland” and “Enjoy a Floral Odyssey of Stunning Gardens and Landscapes”.

The Orono Horticultural Association District 17 will be hosting this years AGM, on April 23rd, 2022, at the Kendall Community Center, Orono. This year’s theme is “Sunshine and Raindrops.” Interested members are required to purchase their ticket by March 28th, if they would like to attend the meeting or enter in Competitions. Tickets are $30.

Brighten up your garden this year by planting Red to show your Canadian Pride in “ The Celebration of the Year of the Garden 2022.”

Our first in person meeting, at Nestleton Community Center, will be April 5th, 2022.

For info on becoming a member visit our website, at, “where gardeners come to bloom”

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