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The Healing Nature

I got the sudden urge to remove my sandals and walk around barefoot in my yard. It reminded me of being a kid running through the sprinkler. As I carelessly wandered around my yard, it got me thinking. Our connection with the environment around us has an effect on our over all well being. I grew up outside. My mom had, and still has, a huge garden. I recall helping her plant flowers and water the grass. As a kid, the thought of shovelling dirt and picking weeds was enough to make me cringe. As an adult, I realize there is something about getting my hands dirty that is reminiscent of being a kid. I lived in dirt. We jumped through puddles, dug for worms and went hunting for frogs in the swamp. There was nothing better than stomping your feet through the mud after a hard rain. I certainly understand the calm and peacefulness that goes hand in hand with being outside. I’m still helping my mom in the garden. I’m still getting my hands dirty. Life goes on around us continuously. I get to listen and watch as the bees land on the plants to collect pollen. I hear the birds singing above me in the trees and feed the swans in my back yard. I feel the grass on my feet. I have learned the simple pleasure and harmony coming through nature. The more time I spend outside the more I realize the connection to the life around me. I feel calm and peaceful when I am simply outside doing nothing. I firmly believe the environment of nature is healing. I guess you could say nature has a healing nature. Sometimes there’s just nothing better than feeling the grass beneath your feet.

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