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The Future of Sloane’s House


NORTH DURHAM: Sloane’s House is a future Respite and Hospice where families and children with complex health needs can come to experience their “home away from home.” Sloane’s House will also provide palliative care for children who need it.

Sloane’s House is scheduled to be built in Whitby sometime in the near future.

According to the chair of the board of directors for Sloane’s House, Jason Hunt, there are currently around 800 children living in Durham Region (and beyond) with complex care needs. These children must travel to Toronto for these services. The members of Sloane’s House wish to change that.

“[Sloane’s House] is a place where a family... could bring their [child] and have [them] receive care in their community from a trusted healthcare provider,” explained Mr. Hunt.

Sloane’s House will provide the caregiver of the children with a “rest” from their usual day-to-day routine.

The family of a child with intensive special needs may be offered a “mental health break” while their child is at Sloane’s House.

The idea of Sloane’s House was created by Neil and Stephanie Pasher, who named the house after their daughter. She had a neurological disorder called Aicardi Syndrome.

“Sloane was a lovely young girl,” said Mr Hunt.

Having Aicardi Syndrome meant Sloane had multiple seizures each day, often requiring, life-saving care, nearly 24 hours-a-day.

Unfortunately, Sloane passed away in 2018.

“In the last year, we have had some really exciting developments,” said Mr. Hunt.

The West Whitby Landowners Group has donated land to the Sloane’s House project. So there will be a place to build the actual facility.

Although Sloane’s House does not currently have a facility up-and-running, it is a registered charity.

Sloane’s House has multiple ways they are funding the future facility, their annual golf tournament is one way. Anyone who is interested in helping out can donate through their website.

Currently, Mr. Hunt is focusing on spreading community awareness about the need for Sloane’s House and collecting fundraising for the facility.

He anticipates an official opening date may be released in about a year or two.

Sloane’s House is partnered with Grandview Kids. So, Sloane’s House will be a “hub” and able to provide a broad range of services for its patients and families.

Sloane’s House also works with WindReach Farm, hosting day camps.

To learn more about Sloane’s House and what they do, please visit their website at

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