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The foundation of a healthy lifestyle

by Tina Y. Gerber - McCurley

Habits of staying fit consist of eating right, watching your weight, exercising regularly, taking your medication, managing your mental health by staying mental exercised, and visiting your doctor regularly. These goals also can have a significant impact in your overall wellness journey. There are many factors you can control, to help keep yourself healthy, live longer and have a productive life.

I attempt to stretch daily but suffer greatly with arthritis, so I stretch my muscles, open and close my hands, and bend my knees and lower limbs before getting out of bed. Once I am up, it helps promote relaxation of my joints, improves my circulation and lessons the pain.

Next, I take my diabetes medications with a cracker and a large glass of water. Proper hydration helps support my digestion and increases my energy level. Staying hydrated also keeps your brain working, and if you don't take in enough fluids, you may have trouble concentrating or focusing, and experience headaches and mood changes. In addition, we need of plenty of fluids to flush out accumulating toxins or other build ups in our systems.

I eat several hours after waking up. Whole foods are healthier and provide your body with more vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients.

I keep to a daily routine of cleaning, decluttering and enjoying hobbies with my grandchildren. My hobbies include: folk art, crafts, gardening, reading, and writing, and are great for my overall health. Hobbies keep me creative, stimulated, relaxed and focus on other things, instead of my pain.

It's a busy day, so my favourite part is nap time which can boost my weary body and my cognitive functions, in late afternoon. Sleep is a time for your body to repair and restore energy. While you sleep, the brain performs essential functions, like, storing information and strengthening nerve cells. I cannot sit or stand for long intervals, so, I take advantage of small bursts of energy, every chance I get, amidst my moans and groans, making a habit of flexing, bending, and more stretching.

We need to make preventive care a priority. Typically, we visit the doctor when we are ill, but doctors play an important role in keeping you healthy and preventing you from getting sick. I just got a bike helmet and plan to ride, shortly after my knee replacement, according to my doctor's advice.

I also enjoy speaking with my friends on line, writing emails, or sending cards. I make an effort to have some sort of social involvement every day, it keeps me engaged. Whether it's talking to my friend Melissa, Versie or a store clerk at the Trading Post. Once the grand children are in school, I will volunteer again, join bible studies at my Church, and plan road trips with my hubby.

Remember, your health plays a crucial role in how you feel and live each day. If you're tired or stressed it's not easy to be your best self. Healthy living is an act of worship. Caring for our bodies is one way we acknowledge and express gratitude for the life God has given us. For those who have Christ, let's let His Holy Spirit within us rejoice in a honoured vessel.

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