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“The Artist Within” By Lauren Walker All Fit/All Ages Gym

I’ve learned, as an artist, you must take bold risks. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, pushing yourself to try something new reveals hidden talent. We are usually inclined to doubt our capabilities. I’m not afraid of taking risks, and neither should you. I am taking a beginner portrait course, at Meta 4 in Port Perry. I’m not satisfied with my ability to draw faces. In fact, I dare say, it’s a weakness. I’m usually the type to conquer my fears and take on a challenge. This is my challenge, and I’m so excited to try. I’m not afraid to be unskilled at certain aspects of art, because my desire to improve supersedes my self-doubt. Most of what I’ve learned is through trial and error. You really do learn from your mistakes. I love having concrete criticism from someone who knows more than I. You can turn those mistakes into masterpieces. Most of us can admit to avoiding something for fear of failure. We don’t want to look the fool. We all have to be bad at something before we become great. It’s your willingness to keep trying and receive help when you need it which will stimulate your growth. I’ve been working on a challenging piece for the last few weeks. It’s a local landmark which combines the old with the new. Check my Facebook page or website to see the picture. This was a bold risk for me as it requires intricate detail. I knew it would take me at least a month to finish. Patience, patience! Don’t be afraid to take a risk. Usually, those risks challenge us in ways we never knew. We are all the better for it. Don’t be afraid to put your art into it! Happy painting!

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