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Statement from Chair Henry on Canada Day

DURHAM: The following statement was issued on behalf of John Henry, Regional Chair and Chief Executive Officer for The Regional Municipality of Durham:

“On July 1st, I encourage everyone to celebrate Canada, our achievements, freedoms and open spirit.

I will be celebrating Canada, not for what it has been in the past, but, for what I want it to be in the future. To think about who we were and who we are now. We cannot mark this day without a solemn acknowledgement of our history.

Last year, we were encouraged to reflect on our relationships, both past and present, with Indigenous communities. To move forward with reconciliation in our hearts, minds and actions. We again need to be open and honest about our historic and contemporary relationship with the First Peoples of this land.

Celebrating Canada can be difficult for some people. We continue to grapple with the discoveries of unmarked graves at former residential school sites. And Indigenous women, girls, and individuals continue to go missing at alarming rates.

We need to support and accept one another; to create a safe and welcoming place for everyone to call home.

On this Canada Day, let us celebrate the values we aspire to, while acknowledging the past and working together towards a brilliant future.”

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