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Spend Your Time Wisely

There are positive and negative pastimes that will affect your well being. Think of it as a coin. On one side you have negativity. It is a well practiced and well-refined way of living for some. On the opposite side of the coin we have positive habits such as eating well and exercise. This is also a well practiced and well-refined way of living for some. Time on this earth is limited. The way you treat yourself reflects how you treat others. Are you spending your time wisely?

Negativity is a choice. It’s not healthy to spend your days being on the negative side of the coin. This takes a moment of self reflection. In my experience those who are the most negative have a poor relationship with themselves and other people. They see the worst in everything. Look at your own attitude and reflect on how it affects your life. I challenge you to take stock of how many complaints you make during the day. It might startle you to see that number.

Change only starts with the willingness to see the fault in your current behaviour. It takes time and dedication to address it. Most people choose not to change it because it’s too hard and takes too much time. With anything in life it takes practice and will not happen overnight. My first suggestion is to treat yourself with more kindness. It starts with positive self talk. Once you practice that, you may notice the way you engage other people changes.

Life is a piggy bank. The more you put in to it, the more you get out of it. It’s up to you to fill it.

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