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SEAGRAVE by Barb Martyn

This past weekend the weather was brisk, but sunny and pleasant. In the Palmer Park area, there were people walking, children in the playground, and groups of people clearing the snow off Lake Scugog in various areas for ice skating, all within their own bubbles, we hope. We all live in the same area, but we each experience our place differently. Part of what happens and how we live is under our control, but much is also beyond us and takes us by surprise. We do now have the time to create our own images of living. Tuesday, February 2nd is Groundhog Day. The prediction is that the groundhog will see his shadow, meaning six more weeks of winter. Actually, so far this winter, we have not had much to complain about. The following is an interesting excerpt of the Seagrave News from The Standard, February 3rd, 1966 edition, written by Enid Blair (deceased) that shows how fortunate we have been so far this winter. “Due to the storm, accommodations in the village were somewhat taxed on Sunday night. Mr. and Mrs. Ron Wanamaker paying a visit to Mr. and Mrs. B.L. found it advisable to remain overnight. The Tobins of Catastrophe Corner had a similar problem. These parties lasted ‘til Monday noon when the snowplow finally released them.” Happy Birthday wishes to Pat Raines of Greenbank on January 31st. Our prayers go out to those who are experiencing various health issues and concerns. Attention knitters and crocheters: You are invited to join Marilyn Puckrin in making “Izzy Dolls”. These dolls bring a Canadian Gift of peace and comfort to traumatized children of the world. Check out the website for pattern instructions and the history of the “Izzy Dolls”. 


Sunday, January 31st, was the 4th Sunday after Epiphany. The scripture reading was Mark 1:21-28. You are encouraged to take sometime each day this week, to just breath in God’s love for you. Breath in saying “God is Love”, and breath out saying, “be with me now”.

The month of February, Greenbank Seagrave Pastoral Charge is inviting the community to participate in “Who’s That Baby” contest. Every Monday a few baby pictures will be sent out, and you can guess who they are. Tune into the Sunday morning service at or or YouTube the following week to find out who the cuties are.

You are also invited to submit Coffee Time pictures for Sunday, February 14th, of yourself with a Valentine, or a Valentine you have made, sending your love to someone special, to thank a frontline worker, or to whoever you choose. You can send in your Baby pictures, valentines or family time pictures to Rev. Stephanie Richmond at or text 905-718-8086.


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