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SEAGRAVE by Barb Martyn

To give Thanks is not primarily just for Thanksgiving week-end. We can give Thanks and Gratitude every day. Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. This week’s news will bring many Thanks. Thank you to the Puckrin family for the donation of all the product for the Seagrave Church outdoor decoration, and the pumpkins that were delivered to 48 homes by church family members. Thanks to Don Beacock who donated and planted phlox plants in the Seagrave Church flower bed. Thanks to all the farmers who are harvesting their produce to provide us with food. A belated Happy Birthday to Darlene Hallett on October 12th, and a Happy Birthday to Bev Madill on October 23rd. We extend sincere condolences to David and Shirley Hooker and daughters Jordyn and Devyn, on the passing of David’s daughter Claire Keane at the age of 48, due to a heart attack in England. Our prayers and concerns are sent out to the many who are experiencing health issues. Thanks to Mary Jean Till for providing the following GREENBANK NEWS: Greenbank villagers thank Dianne Pelletier, Joanne Olivero, Holly and Graham Smith, Doug Watson and Rev. Stephanie for the decorating of the pumpkin display on the Church steps. Thanks to the Forsyth family for the donation of pumpkins, for delivery by the church team. Also, to Daphne Kalio Maki, whose Thanksgiving greeting was a pumpkin at our doors. The virtual and hard copies of Rev. Stephanie’s Sunday services are truly appreciated by those receiving them. Thanks to all who contribute to these outreach happenings. Family and friends are truly thankful. The outdoor food bank wrapped up at Greenbank Church on October 12th. Thank you for the donations given and volunteers who made this happen. We will continue to support the local food bank. A belated Happy Anniversary to Doug and Elaine Watson on October 6th, and Tom and Valerie Hunter on October 20th. Happy Birthday wishes to Muriel Tassie, who will be 92 years young on October 25th. Sincere sympathy to the McCabe family, friends and Greenbank Community on the passing of Madeleine McCabe on October 13th, at her home in her 82nd year. Madeleine and her late husband, John, were former owners of the Chicken Coop Bakery. They will hold a private celebration at a later date. Sunday, October 18th, was the 20th Sunday after Pentecost. The scripture reading was 1st Thessalonians 1-10, entitled “Thanksgiving for the Thessalonians’ Faith”. Life has become more difficult with struggles and challenges, so it is important that we stay connected, and reach out to others in whatever way we can. If you wish a virtual or remote visit from Rev. Stephanie, a grocery or medication pickup, or to send in your photos for coffee time, contact Rev. Stephanie at, phone or text to 905-718-8086. You are invited to view the virtual services on websites or or You Tube link at If you have news for this column, contact Jean by phone at 905-985-9921 or by email at

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