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Scugog Water Street construction project to require a closure

DAN CEARNS The Standard

SCUGOG: The Township of Scugog’s Water Street Refurbishment project will see the local Port Perry street shut down to all vehicle traffic.

At a recent meeting, Ward 5 Councillor Terry Coyne provided an update on the project during discussions on the March 20th Port Perry Business Improvement Association (BIA) meeting minutes.

“In the BIA report, I stated the refurb of Water Street would allow vehicle traffic during the construction period. That has since been updated, and the entire street of Water Street will be shut down, with no vehicle traffic going between [Highway] 7A and Queen Street as I understand it now,” Councillor Coyne explained.

Robert Frasca, the Township’s acting Director of Public Works and Infrastructure, confirmed the change.

“At some point during the construction, the road will have to remain closed to vehicular traffic because of the subgrade. And with the type of construction being done, we can’t have vehicles driving on basically the subbase of the road.”

However, he noted the timing “of the closure won’t be known” until the Township “awards the contract fully.”

“Those details will be discussed in the future once the schedule can be worked out with the new contractor,” Mr. Frasca added.

Mayor Wilma Wotten said she is hopeful Township staff are working with local business owners to find solutions on how deliveries will work during that time.

The reconstruction of Water Street is expected to begin in the middle of August.

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