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Scugog Mayor applauds new funding for new animal shelter

DAN CEARNS The Standard

SCUGOG: Scugog Mayor Wilma Wotten is applauding a recent donation made to the New Animal Shelter for Uxbridge-Scugog.

On Saturday, October 14th, it was announced that the Estate of Marilyn Ruth Rennie made a donation of $1,100,674 to the Uxbridge-Scugog Animal Shelter. This brought the total funds available for the project to over $2.8 million.

“The total funds available enable both Townships to now explore the feasibility of a new shelter and undertake a current costing analysis phase to determine options to move forward. This includes re-evaluating the 5500 Lakeridge Road site for suitability,” an update post on the Uxbridge Township website read.

At a meeting on Monday, October 16th, Mayor Wotten stated her thoughts on the donation.

“It was so heartening, and such a generous, generous gift. It kind of gave everyone a new burst of energy to start moving forward again, even though talks had resumed on how to move it forward,” she said.

The New Animal Shelter for Uxbridge-Scugog project has been on hold since 2018 when it was discovered there was a significant funding gap.

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