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Scugog highlights Port Perry on Old Mill with new lighting

DAN CEARNS The Standard

SCUGOG: Scugog’s Old Mill, located in Port Perry, has received a bit of an aesthetic upgrade recently.

At a meeting on Monday, November 27th, it was announced the Port Perry sign on the Mill is now being lit.

“We had discussed illuminating the Port Perry sign on the Old Mill, and I’m informed the lights are on already. Thanks to staff for making that happen in record time,” Ward 1 Councillor David LeRoy stated.

Councillor LeRoy added he felt this upgrade was important as the Mill is “a landmark [for] the town, and the illumination will do nothing but accentuate the mill, our name, our brand and presence.”

Mayor Wilma Wotten said the Township discussed doing this work last year, but “it was a little late to get it done.” She added she is “delighted it is done this year.”

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