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Scugog Fire Chief encourages residents to have a safe holiday

DAN CEARNS The Standard

SCUGOG: Scugog’s Fire Chief, Mark Berney, is hoping local residents have a safe holiday season, this month.

“The number of fires, fire related injuries and fatalities often increase during the holiday season,” Chief Berney told councillors, at a meeting, on Monday, December 4th.

He then spoke about what contributes to this increase and how people can keep themselves and their families safe this year.

“Festivities can quickly turn tragic, as a result of things such as unattended cooking, faulty decorative lighting and the careless use of candles. To help keep your family safe over the holidays, follow and apply our safety messaging. You’ll find [it] at [and] on Durham’s radio stations, as we team up with the Fire Marshal’s Public Fire Safety Council, for the 12 days of CO and Fire Safety campaign, beginning December 12th.”

In his comments, the Fire Chief also addressed the state of swans on local waterways.

“Annually, the department receives several calls for swans frozen on the ice of Lake Scugog. Our resident swans, like us, are adapting to overcome the changing conditions of this time of year. I’d like to reassure everybody, although they may look in distress, they are not and they are in fact enjoying the cold weather as we do.”

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