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Insurance With A Heart So Big, It Shows

By Robin Van Der Vleuten

Courtney Holmes and her amazing team at Holmes Insurance Agency Inc. in Port Perry are an insurance company whose motto follows Desjardin’s new commercial 'Insurance With A Big Heart,' filmed in Port Perry.

Courtney, a native of Port Perry, recently has taken over Holmes Insurance Agency Inc. after the passing of her father and former owner, Brent Holmes. She proudly acknowledges maintaining connections with clients that her dad had, as well as those she met working in marketing for the company after she graduated from grad school.

Courtney still values her father's work ethic and how he loved helping his clients. Courtney strives to emulate that work ethic for Holmes Insurance Agency Inc. “I want to carry on my dad’s legacy and keep his hard work of 20 years going. I have connections with our clients already, and the plan was for me to take over when he was ready to retire.”

Eager to follow in her dad’s footsteps, Courtney completed tons of training and licencing to be OTL licenced. This 1-year internship program comprised of going through agency training and having Desjardins give their approval. Encountering challenging moments during her training, thoughts of how hard her dad worked inspired her to continue. Reflecting on this, Courtney states that enduring tough things validates how much she wants the role she is now in. Her advice to those considering this career is, “Don’t give up. You have to stay positive, have a positive mindset, believe in yourself and keep pushing through for what you want."

Keeping Holmes Insurance Agency Inc. established in Port Perry enables her to stay connected with clients in a town that holds so many memories for her. Her team at Holmes Insurance Agency Inc., wants to help everyone in their territory of Port Perry/Scugog, and ensure that everyone is well protected. She values the products they sell.

Holmes Insurance Agency Inc. comprises of Courtney Holmes and three other agents, Drew Richardson, Andrew Archibald, and Sonya Garcia. They offer clients products and services such as Auto Insurance, Business Insurance, Home & Property Insurance, Life Insurance, Living Benefits, and Vehicle Loans. “Desjardin is trying to promote commercials about businesses, big and small and life insurance. We are trying to show that we offer other products like life and commercial insurance and vehicle financing as well.” says Courtney. Holmes Insurance Agency Inc. offers payment plans for their products and services.

You can drop by their office at 60 Vanedward Dr Unit 1 Port Perry, ON or call 905-982-6326 for an appointment. Office hours are from Monday to Friday (9am-5pm). They are on social media (Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram) and you can find more information from their website at

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