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Ron Ashmore, a boots on the ground councillor


KAWARTHA LAKES: Ward 6 Councillor, Ron Ashmore, hosted two town hall meetings recently. The first one was in Omemee, on November 22nd. He held a second one in Dunsford, on December 6th. They were a combination of a PowerPoint and a video presentation which promoted the work being done in Ward 6.

“I felt elected officials need to get out there and take all types of questions.” Councillor Ashmore told The Standard.

Both Town Hall meetings were livestreamed on Facebook, to increasing public participation. The total participation, for both in person and online viewership, was 1,435 people.

Many issues were discussed, and a Question and Answer session was held at the end of each meeting. The topics discussed included Ron Ashmore's work as Councillor Ward 6, Kawartha Lakes, and the 11 Committees and Boards he serves on.

“I emphasized, my propriety is to serve the people, as that's who I work for. They are my boss.” explained Mr. Ashmore. Then he added, “Customer Service is paramount in this position, as I like helping constituents get issues solved in a timely manner. One of the things I pointed out was, we pay a high tech company in California, named Oracle, $500,000 per year to run our customer service software. It's time we bring this in house.”

Omemee revitalization was discussed, with the $4 Million project to transform the village into a modern streetscape.The issue of Docks was discussed, it has been a contentious issue since 2018, in the communities of Thurstonia and Cedar Glen, and the issues of drainage for several communities.

“Also, I discussed the many places I go to support the community, [for example], association meetings and fundraisers, like supporting our veterans and Wounded Warriors Canada.” said Mr. Ashmore.

In addition, the upcoming International Plowing Match and Rural Expo which will come to Lindsay and surrounding farms, on October 1st to 5th, in 2024, was brought up. Other topics discussed were: the Natural Gas expansion project, in Ward 6 and Kawartha lakes; Housing and economic development; the 2024 budget; 2024 roads projects and how to participate in online surveys.

Mr. Ashmore is definitely a hands on Councillor. In order to gain greater insight into the workings of the Ward 6 infrastructure, Councillor Ashmore went on a snow plow and ambulance 'ride along' this past year.

The many roads and infrastructure improvements, Ward 6 has received were discussed, including the new safety cross walks installed in Downeyville.

“I also read out my Platform for 2022-2026 which include[s]: always put Ward 6 residents first, a boots on the ground Councillor for you, complete many more roads and projects in the next term, responsible spending and debt, less red tape for development and job creation, support agriculture and rural culture, continue lake management projects and, finally, that I will continue to provide you with excellent customer service.” stated Mr. Ashmore.

Town Hall meetings are a great way to engage the community in discussion and hopefully resolve issues. If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas you want to discuss with Councillor Ashmore, and any other Kawartha Lakes Councillor, please reach out to them. You can find their contact information online, at, or call the City of Kawartha Lakes office, at 705-324-9411.

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