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Residents can beautify Brock through new tree-planting program


BROCK: Brock Township and Durham Region have embarked on an ambitious environmental initiative aimed at combating climate change and enhancing local biodiversity. The program, which involves extensive tree-planting efforts, seeks to address pressing ecological concerns while fostering a healthier, greener community.

Under the initiative, native tree and shrub species will be available to Brock Township residents through LEAF (Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests). This concerted effort aims not only to beautify the landscape but also to mitigate the effects of urbanization, such as air and water pollution, by increasing green spaces.

Since declaring a climate emergency in 2020, Durham Region has been actively developing community action plans in collaboration with local municipalities and key partners such as LEAF. One simple step that residents of Brock can take to combat climate change is to plant trees and shrubs right in their own backyard.

Local officials emphasize the multifaceted benefits of the program. Aside from the environmental advantages, including carbon sequestration and wildlife habitat restoration, the initiative is expected to enhance the quality of life for residents. Trees provide shade, improve air quality, and contribute to mental well-being, creating more livable communities.

“Brock Township is delighted to participate in LEAF,” commented Councillor Cria Pettingill. “Not only do we get the right native plantings in the right backyards, [but] we build community, enthusiasm and shared knowledge on the necessity of trees and shrubs to help mitigate flooding and climate change, to provide shade and cooling and to provide forage for our wild pollinators. In addition, these plantings provide habitat for birds and insects and beauty for residents. We’re looking forward to branching out with LEAF. And we’re grateful for the opportunity.”

Community involvement is crucial to the success of the project. By working together, the municipality and its residents can make a significant and lasting impact on the local environment.

Courtesy of the Township of Brock, the LEAF Backyard Tree Planting Program offers a selection of over 55 native tree and shrub species to residential property owners for a subsidized price. Program participants will receive professional arborist advice to help them choose the right trees and shrubs for their space, plus tree care instructions to help newly planted trees flourish. Full-Service Planting and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Planting options are available.

In addition to beautifying residential properties, some of the benefits of planting native trees and shrubs include stormwater management, improved air quality, summer cooling, improved wildlife habitat, and enhanced physical and mental well-being.

The tree planting program reflects a proactive approach to environmental stewardship, demonstrating Brock Township and Durham Region's commitment to sustainability and preserving natural resources for future generations.

To apply to the Backyard Tree Planting Program, visit the LEAF website at, or call 416-413-9244 for more information.

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