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Residents address council about the 2024 municipal budget

DAN CEARNS The Standard

KAWARTHA LAKES: Kawartha Lakes councillors heard from a number of residents regarding the 2024 municipal budget during a public meeting on Wednesday, November 8th.

So far, the capital budget totals $72 million, while the operating budget is at $255 million. There is also $2 million in the special projects budget.

Mike Groat lent his voice to the resurfacing of Mill Street, Lakewood Crescent to Marina Drive and River Park Drive in Bobcaygeon. Work on these roads is currently scheduled for 2026.

“This timing may have been acceptable at one time, but unfortunately demographics and usage patterns have changed. These timelines need to be revisited and moved forward,” Mr. Groat said.

Paul Balfour called for repairs to be made to Burnt River Road and Pinery Road.

“These corners are so bad that you have to idle or brake through your way to get through the intersection,” he explained.

David Rapaport called climate change “a priority” for him as a resident and said “everybody has something to contribute in our fight against climate change.” He noted he was encouraged when he saw that the City is revisiting their Healthy Environment Plan.

“I think we can take some very meaningful steps with retrofits, with education, encouraging developers to produce green projects, renewable energy generation, a transition of the municipal fleet to zero emission cars, and so on.”

Doug Shaw explained he feels the City of Kawartha Lakes is growing too fast with development, while current roads and infrastructure work lags behind.

Angel Godsoe called the budget “very in depth” but said she is concerned about the City’s current deficit. She also pointed to a lack of sustainability in development.

“To be asking more people to come in at an expedited rate, it’s just irresponsible,” she said.

Kawartha Lakes council will begin deliberating the 2024 capital budget on Tuesday, November 28. More information on the budget process can be found online at

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