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Region offers free waste diversion kits

NORTH DURHAM: If you are new Durham Region or have recently moved, you are eligible for a complimentary waste diversion kit from the Region. The Durham Region Works Department is reminding residents that free waste diversion kits are available to residents who are new to the region or who have recently moved into a new home. Simply complete the New Resident Diversion Kit Form on the Region’s website. Each kit contains: two blue boxes, one large green bin, one kitchen container and a waste management calendar. Households across Durham Region who currently receive curbside collection services are open to this offer year-round. If you are moving to a new or resale house and you already have a green bin and blue boxes, please take them with you. Broken Bins? Bring them in. Replacements are provided free of charge. Bring your broken bins for exchange, to locations across North Durham. Visit for more information.

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