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Red light sought to improve local safety at local intersection

DAN CEARNS The Standard

KAWARTHA LAKES: A Kawartha Lakes councillor is looking to improve safety at a local intersection, by moving up the planned solar flashing beacon to this year rather than 2025.

At a meeting, on Tuesday, June 4th, Ward 4 Councillor Dan Joyce provided a memorandum, requesting the beacon be installed on a stop sign, at the intersection of Kirkfield Road and Woodville Road.

Councillor Joyce noted, there has been a tendency for vehicles to end up on the front lawn of one of the residences, in the area, when vehicles blow past the stop sign.

“This is a real safety concern, and I want to move it forward to now. It’s not a high cost item, so I’m hoping it’s not a problem with council,” he said.

Deputy Mayor Charlie McDonald agreed, this is a need for the area.

“I think there was an accident [which] happened, where the police officer was there, investigating another one, and an accident happened in front of the police officer. So, it’s a pretty serious thing. These people have grandkids who play on the front lawn and it’s not safe for them to even have their family there because of that.”

The memorandum was passed by council members but still must be ratified at a council meeting, later this month.

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Huxley Morris
Huxley Morris
Jun 16

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