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Reading is a fun and inexpensive hobby

Reading is a fun and inexpensive hobby

Reading is a popular pastime for people of all ages. You can read from time treasured classics to more modern thrillers, mysteries, poetry, politics, religion, even how-to magazines!

Many people who read my articles will often stop or call me to say how much they enjoy them. Nothing beats a good read. Books or stories can take us places we have never been and take us on adventures without ever leaving the house! Books also have the possibility of bringing people of all walks of life together.

Reading is also an excellent activity for boosting your brainpower. It is mentally stimulating and has proven to slow cognitive decline. Large print books are available from the library; or you may even consider an electronic reading device such as a Kindle reader.

My mother had an extensive library while I was growing up. It grew even larger when my sisters and I moved away from home. My mother was never a television watcher. If she wasn’t working, she was reading! When Mother moved in with me, I was striving to find an activity we could do together. With her declining vision and memory loss, independent reading was no longer an option. Mother was content for me to simply read to her. This gave us both some comfort and peace. Mother was always delighted when I choose to read the Bible and daily devotions. We would snuggle under the blankets, and this became a fun and relaxing ritual for both of us. Reading to her allowed us to share different topics of conversation and created some delightful memories I cherish today. It was during this period I began to understand my mother in a new and different way. It brought a closeness to us never before known.

The gift of reading is truly a meaningful and special experience. There are many reasons why seniors give up reading. Whether it is from poor vision, dementia or tremors, giving up reading does not mean they have lost interest in reading. Losing the ability to read may leave your loved one feeling sad and withdrawn. Bring them some comfort and joy and share your time reading.

As a grandparent, I also love the opportunity of reading to my grandchildren. As we age, what better way to keep our minds active and occupy our time!

The benefits of daily reading: Reading exercises your mind and keeps it sharp and alert. Reading after getting into bed is shown to improve sleep and is more effective than falling asleep in front of the television. The mental stimulation of reading is very helpful in delaying the onset of Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Reading is a great way to unwind and decrease stress. It assists in relaxation, which helps lower your heart rate!

During this lockdown, reading will help you keep mentally active even as the winter months turn into spring.

Reading aloud to a family member is an intimate and shared activity which promotes feelings of closeness and attachment. Reading provides knowledge, to learn to do a new activity, whether it is, sewing, cooking, gardening, fishing, woodworking, or classic car restoration. And last but not least, reading devotions or a bible study together is an excellent opportunity for family growth.

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