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‘Raven, Rabbit, Deer’ kicks off 2024 on the Story Walk Trail at Ken Reid Conservation Area

KAWARTHA LAKES: In a delightful start to the New Year, Kawartha Conservation, in collaboration with the Kawartha Lakes Public Library, is pleased to announce the launch of their latest Story Walk Trail book, "Raven, Rabbit, Deer," by acclaimed author Sue Farrell Holler. This initiative is part of the ongoing effort to encourage family-friendly outdoor activities, within the natural setting of the Ken Reid Conservation Area.

"Raven, Rabbit, Deer," a tale which captivates audiences of all ages, will be featured as the January story, on the Story Walk Trail. The trail combines the joy of reading with the beauty and health benefits of walking in nature. Each month, a new story is showcased, offering a fresh and engaging outdoor experience for families and individuals.

"Our collaboration with Kawartha Lakes Public Library is a testament to our commitment to fostering a love for nature and the outdoors, as well as reading in a fun, beautiful setting,” said Kristie Virgoe, Director, Stewardship and Conservation Lands. “We invite everyone to come and enjoy this unique outdoor activity, to kick off the New Year."

The Story Walk Trail, at Ken Reid Conservation Area, is a testament to the power of community partnerships, creating meaningful and accessible educational experiences. The trail invites visitors to stroll along a designated path, where pages from "Raven, Rabbit, Deer" are displayed, allowing readers to enjoy a story as they explore the natural beauty of the area.

This initiative not only promotes literacy and physical activity but also encourages ecological awareness and appreciation among participants. It's a perfect way for families to kick off the New Year with a healthy, educational, and enjoyable activity.

The Ken Reid Conservation Area and Kawartha Lakes Public Library warmly welcome all to experience this wonderful story in a beautiful setting. Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to embark on a literary adventure in the great outdoors!

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