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Public meeting for Downtown Community Improvement Plan in Brock


BROCK: The Township of Brock is gearing up to launch a comprehensive Downtown Community Improvement Plan (CIP), aimed at invigorating the downtown areas of Beaverton, Cannington, and Sunderland. Designed to stimulate private investment, the plan offers a spectrum of financial incentives, targeting various objectives, such as building revitalization, façade and signage enhancements, property improvements, housing, intensification, redevelopment, heritage preservation, and commercial viability support.

To solicit public feedback, the Township has scheduled a hybrid public meeting, for Monday, May 27th, at 6 p.m. Participants can either attend in person, at the Council Chambers located at 1 Cameron Street East, in Cannington, or join electronically. Those opting for electronic participation must pre-register with the Clerk’s Department, by emailing A call-in option may also be provided.

The Township is encouraging written submissions, before or after the meeting, addressing any queries or comments regarding the proposed plan. Interested individuals can access additional information about the Downtown CIP review on the Township’s website or by contacting Robin Prentice, Director of Development Services, at 705-432-2355, extension 235 or

With the impending public meeting, stakeholders have the opportunity to shape the future of their downtown areas, ensuring a vibrant and prosperous community for years to come.

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