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Port Perry Seniors Club actively reaching our community

The Port Perry Seniors Club have kept busy during Covid-19, by volunteering to sew masks, donating materials, offering to drive to pick and deliver materials and masks. They also combined their efforts with the Port Perry United Church Quilters, the Island Quilting Group and Port Perry Sews for a period of time. One organization alone could not keep up with the demand for masks. With the Townships permission, each Wednesday, they set up a pop up “store”, operated out of the car of the President of PPSC. But this store did not charge; all masks were given free and they were made with love. Literally thousands of masks, comfort bands and medical hats were given to community members and groups. Other hamlets in Scugog were also served by this pop-up “store”. Port Perry Seniors Club’s also sent cheery message cards to residents of the two Long Term Care (LTC) facilities in town, Members of the Kuiper’s Kreative Divas volunteered to hand make and donate cards for the 179 residents and they are gorgeous. For more on this encouraging story see:

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RITA Hilker, President-Port Perry Seniors Club Allow me to introduce you to a group of seniors who…

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