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PONTYPOOL by Coralee MacDonald

I want to wish all that are graduating congratulations. It’s sad that you won’t have the end of the year you should have and hope you all found a way to celebrate. I want to thank Rolling Hills Public school for gifting each graduate a lawn sign and t-shirt and for putting together a virtual show for the Ottawa grad trip. It was very cool. My daughter Amber celebrate her graduation yesterday with pictures, gifts, a surprise visit from a friend and much more. We are very proud of her. Congratulations to all 2020 classes. Way to go! Grandview Public School had a virtual goodbye for the grade three’s moving on to Rolling Hills Public school. They recognized all students that received a reward. Way to go grade three’s! Canada Day won’t be the Same this year with many events having been cancelled. I hope you all find a way to celebrate. Happy Canada Day! Many people in the Waite Road/Ballyduff Road area have been seeing bears. Watch your kids and pets. With kids not in school, we need to remember to drive slowly and be aware of the kids out riding bikes and playing.

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