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PONTYPOOL by Coralee MacDonald

I hope everyone is doing well during these tough times. I know many of you were wishing for the stay-at-home order to be lifted for the long weekend. I know I was, but in order to have a good summer, we need to stay home until the numbers are low so we don’t go back to a stay-at-home order. We can do this if we all do our part.

Just a reminder that Rolling Hills and Grandview Public School each have a group on Facebook. If you need help, you can ask other parents. I know this online schooling is not for everyone. Remember, you aren’t alone. We can do this.

On Saturday afternoon, a single car rolled over on Pontypool Road. I hope no one was hurt. Scary stuff that something like this could happen in town. Wish people would slow down around town, especially with so many children out and about.

Remember to shop locally.

Stay home and stay safe.

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