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PONTYPOOL by Coralee MacDonald

Pontypool’s first Car Show had a great turnout. Thank you, Gerry Wuis family, friends and all the great volunteers. Thank you, Willowridge, for the live music. It was a nice way to bring the community together. The Car Show put $18,000 into the Pontypool Food Bank and Community Center. Way to go, Pontypool! Hope to see this happen every year. It’s getting closer. This weekend August 28th, Pontypool Nimigon Park will host ‘Art in the Park.’ For more information, contact email or me.

Another great way to bring the community together.

Pinewood Park needs your help. Please go to to have your say in what you would like to see done at the park. Let’s see them do something with all the empty land there.

I would like to wish my brother Kirk Raynard a happy 50th birthday on September 1st. Happy birthday, brother!

Stay safe and healthy.

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