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PONTYPOOL by Coralee MacDonald

Happy New Year. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and stayed safe and healthy.

Now with new restrictions in place for covid-19 many people may be struggling during these times so please check on people. Make a phone call just to say hi, how are you doing. This is also hard on the children not returning to school. I know lots of parents have to stay home from work to be with them. This is hard on them too. Many families need two incomes. Stay strong everyone and be there for one another.

Now that the holidays are over it doesn’t mean we should stop donating to the food bank. With covid many people have had to stay home with kids, been laid off because of covid restriction or have lost their jobs. During this hard time we need to continue to donate to help people that are struggling through these very hard times.

Do your part and get vaccinated. Stay home are much as you can. We can do this. Stay strong and healthy.

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