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Police looking to identify two suspects in Janetville store break and enter

DAN CEARNS, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, for The Standard

KAWARTHA LAKES: City of Kawartha Lakes Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) are looking to identify two suspects after a break and enter occurred at the Janetville Cantina and Convenience store on Tuesday, November 17th. According to the OPP, “just before 3 a.m. officers responded to a break and enter in progress at a business in the Janetville area.” However, when police arrived, the suspects were gone, “stealing cash, cigarettes and other items from the store.” Store owner Amritpal Singh told The Standard how he learned of the incident and what the scene was like when he got there. “My security company called me, and I came here to check out what happened. Then I saw the front door broken in. The cops were here right after that. They came inside, checked to see if everything was okay, then I came in here. Everything was messed up. Everything was on the floor. We reviewed the security footage with the cops. It’s also posted on Facebook. It was just really invasive and I was really distraught,” he explained. The Pigeon Creek Road store owner said the OPP seemed optimistic about nabbing these two suspects. “There was a robbery here [previously]. They did catch those people, so they’re pretty optimistic they’re going to catch [these suspects] this time around too,” Mr. Singh said. Mr. Singh estimated thefts from the break and enter were over $5,000 and there were over $10,000 in damages. “It’s a very nice community, everyone around here is awesome. It was just really depressing and not nice to find out there’s people around here that are going to do something like this,” Mr. Singh said. “You hear about this kind of thing happening in the city, but you don’t think it could happen here.” Store security footage of the suspects can be viewed at the Janetville Cantina’s Facebook page. People with more information on this crime are asked to contact Crime Stoppers at or by calling 1-800-222-8477. Kawartha Lakes OPP can be contacted by calling 705-324-6741.

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