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Pine Ridge Garden Club (Scugog’s Friendly Garden Club)

SHIRLEY LOVE, Special to The Standard

The forecast for April looks good for planting hearty vegetables and flowers, but a little rain is in the forecast. Rain doesn’t stop us gardeners, but we keep the sheets/coverings handy just in case there is a frost.

If you are starting a vegetable garden, make a list of the hardiest ones, plant these first, followed up by the less hardy a week later. Also, note the part of the garden which gets the most sun first and plant accordingly.

Some plants like full sun all day, and others shade to part shade for some of the day. Spend time researching the conditions that your vegetables prefer.

For example, carrots need a deeply tilled or dug bed for their seed to grow straight and not develop those grotesque shapes, although the kids love them. A good way to get them to eat their carrots, eat the monster.

You don’t have any room for a vegetable garden. I have room but can’t garden, so last year I used large 12-16” containers and what a success it was. I grew three types of tomatoes and three types of peppers, and various kinds of calla lilies and dahlias.

These were set up near my rain barrels, so it was easy to keep them watered. On hot days I used the hose to give them a good cool washing, and the pots are cooled off with the spray. Gotta love those rain barrels.

Please go to the Club’s website where you will find interesting happenings and pictures. You can also call me at 905-986-5330.

First sign of Spring is weeds.


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