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Parents and Grandparents just don’t understand: Or do they? Hindsight is 20/20 by Tina Y. Gerber

Mother gave me some great advice growing up and much of it was met with eye rolls or was ignored totally! Do you remember as a teenager your parents saying, “Someday, you’ll realize that I am right?” Most of the time, my Mother and Step Father gave us some great advice. I can certainly relate to them now, that I’ve gone through many life challenges and experiences myself. They say, the farther apart you are in age, the harder it is to connect. This may be true but not impossible. Some of the most amazing and intriguing conversations I’ve had are with seniors because they are older, wiser and often came from different walks of life. We need role models to kick us in the butt when we want to give up and accept mediocrity, or just want to run away from our problems! Learning from others who have gone through similar situations is a great way of avoiding those same mistakes. My Mother, was one of my biggest fans. She said she made many mistakes while we were growing up but she loved the Lord and that covered a multitude of shortcomings. Today, I understand the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Consider these many lessons my Mother shared with me because our parents and grandparents want to counsel us about the future, our health, and life in general, so we may benefit from their insight and wisdom.

Loving God: Be a living example. Some people will choose to reject God and others choose to neglect Him. Integrity is important: You only have one reputation. Once it is gone it’s hard to get back. God will provide: Trust Him with your entire Being. Be kind: You never know the true story behind someone’s life. Staying up late: Just because you can doesn’t mean you should! Putting things off: Doing nothing in this world destroys more potential than procrastination! Always wanting to be right: Does winning an argument serve a purpose? Pick your battles carefully. Self criticism: Let it go, it serves no purpose. Complaining: It takes just as much energy to complain as it does to make a change! Gossip: Go directly to the ‘horses’ mouth to confirm what is ‘actually’ being said! Student or Career choice: If you can’t create excellence with what you have now, make the best out of every situation! Hard Work: The value of working hard, is more important than worldly success. Following the crowd: If a friend told you to jump off a cliff, what does that prove? Credit Card Debt: avoid, avoid, avoid, always pay cash! Staying in your comfort zone: Try something new, you may surprise yourself. Overcome challenges: Be the best you can be and give it 100%. Alcohol: Face your troubles openly and honestly. Be true to yourself: Who you are on the inside is more important than what you look like on the outside! Remember to always use your manners: You did not grow up in a barn: So, don’t act like a jackass! Be respectful: But, who says adults are always right!? Trust your instincts: Just because you don’t understand something doesn’t mean that it is wrong! Own your mistakes. Be content with little. Your true wealth is not found on your bank statement.

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