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Palmer Park playground is getting a makeover this Autumn


SCUGOG: Have you ever wondered how old the playground equipment in Palmer Park is?

According to Carol Coleman, the director of public works and infrastructure services, the current playground equipment located in Palmer Park is about 22 years old. In 2019, the Township decided they would need to replace the equipment in Palmer Park soon.

Township staff had, originally, planned to replace the equipment in “two phases,” said Ms. Coleman. But, they have since received a grant contribution of $324,000.

With this grant, the Scugog Township can replace the entire play structure and add a rubber surface.

Seventy-five per cent of the playground “retrofit” comes from the grant given to the Township and about 25 per cent comes from Township reserves.

According to Ms. Coleman, the playground equipment will be replaced, entirely. Then, they will auction off the old playground equipment.

The funds for the auction will go toward future investments for parks throughout the Township of Scugog.

“The project will be completed during the fall, [so] as to not interfere with enjoyment of the park during the busy summer months,” explained Ms. Coleman.

The equipment replacement will take about two to three months to complete. The construction process includes; the removal of the old playground equipment, construction of a new concrete curb, and installation of the playground and new rubber play surface.

“The objective is to create an inclusive destination playground, to enhance the waterfront and historic downtown of Port Perry,” said Ms. Coleman.

Ms. Coleman said at least 50 percent of the playground’s structure will provide accessibility for disabled people. The design includes a rubber play surface, which increases accessibility for people with mobility issues.

Since 2018, the Township of Scugog has replaced one playground each year. According to the Township’s website, there are 14 parks within the community.

The Township replaces the playground equipment to “revitalize the park and meet safety requirements, said Ms. Coleman.

If you have any questions or inquiries about this new playground structure in Palmer Park, please contact

The Township of Scugog also invites people to provide feedback on the playground’s designs. If you’re interested, you can find and complete the survey, at

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