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Ontario selling surplus properties to build three new long-term care homes

MARK NESBITT, Ministry of Long-Term Care

The Ontario government is taking the first step towards building three new long-term care homes by making land available in Oakville, Aurora and Vaughan. The government is selling three surplus provincial properties with the requirement that long-term care homes be built on portions of the following properties:

• 165 Dundas Street West in Oakville – 512 long-term care beds • 7231 Martin Grove Road in Vaughan – 256 long-term care beds • 50-100 Bloomington Road in Aurora – 128 long-term care beds

“We are delivering on our commitment to transition our seniors from wait lists to modern long-term care homes, providing a warm and safe environment with the quality of care they deserve,” said Dr. Merrilee Fullerton, Minister of Long-Term Care. “These new homes will allow almost 900 of our loved ones to enter long-term care homes sooner, and ease hallway health care in local hospitals.”

Developing long-term care homes on surplus government lands will help address barriers often faced by long-term care operators, such as the limited supply of available land, particularly in urban areas.

The new long-term care homes will help deliver on the government’s commitment to creating 30,000 beds over 10 years. The government is also driving the development of new long-term care spaces through the Accelerated Build program, which is adding 1,280 spaces in a matter of months, not years; and through a new funding model designed to break down historic barriers to building and speed up new development and the upgrading of existing homes.

Working together with long-term care partners, Ontario continues to use innovative ideas and modern solutions to help end hallway health care and increase long-term care capacity in communities across the province.

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