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Ontario advances infrastructure projects

The Ontario government is moving forward with 40 major infrastructure projects across the province, using the public-private partnership (P3) model. The projects are listed in the most recent P3 Market Update, which was released today by Laurie Scott, Ontario’s Minister of Infrastructure. “The projects in this update, valued at more than $60 billion, show progress on many important priority infrastructure projects, including: subways, highways, health care and community safety projects,” said Minister Scott. “These projects will contribute significantly to our government’s made-in-Ontario plan for growth, renewal and long-term recovery.” The P3 Market Update, released on a quarterly basis, is a list of public projects in the pre-procurement and procurement stages for which Ontario has committed investments. The list helps potential local and global private-sector partners organize their time and resources, to make sure Ontario gets robust, innovative and competitive bids for its P3 infrastructure projects. Highlights of the P3 Market Update include: The addition of two new correctional facility projects: Quinte Detention Centre; and the Brockville Correctional Complex (Brockville jail) and St. Lawrence Valley Correctional and Treatment Centre (SLVCTC) expansion (this is for females) which will be built on the grounds of the current SLVCTC property; The Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital redevelopment, which has advanced from planning to pre-procurement; and The GO Expansion: OnCorr project, which will now be delivered using the Design Build Operate Maintain model. As announced last week, this will be Ehren Cory’s final Market Update as President and CEO of Infrastructure Ontario. Michael Lindsay, Incoming President and CEO at Infrastructure Ontario, who issued a letter on today’s pipeline, will take on that responsibility effective November 1st. “IO’s P3 model is constantly [developing] and improving, to respond to market conditions and industry feedback, to achieve the best possible bids from the market,” said Mr. Lindsay.

“We continue to participate in productive dialogue with the industry, as we move forward on this large portfolio of projects. These projects and the approaches we are taking with our partners represent a broader [expression] of the diverse work IO is doing to support the government.” The P3 Market Update is an important affirmation of the Government of Ontario’s historic commitment to P3’s and public infrastructure generally, particularly in the midst of managing the unprecedented challenge of COVID-19.

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