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New electric ice resurfacer for Brock Township


BROCK: As part of the township’s ongoing efforts to reduce carbon emissions and improve experiences for residents and visitors alike, Brock recently unveiled a new electric ice-resurfacing machine which will be patrolling the ice at Foster Hewitt Memorial Arena, in Beaverton, this season.

In a press release, the municipality noted, shifting away from the traditional propane-powered machine to an electric version was driven by a desire to reduce air and noise pollution, enhance energy efficiency, and improve the overall ice maintenance process at their facilities. By embracing new, innovative technologies, it is expected the township will be able to recoup expenses through long-term savings on fuel and maintenance.

“Brock is committed to improving our impact on the environment. This Council takes its commitment to dealing with climate change seriously, and we are very proud to get our “electric fleet” started with the replacement of one of our ice resurfacers,” commented Mayor Walter Schummer. “This new ice resurfacer will not only improve our township’s carbon footprint but will make our arena environments better for our residents, participants, and staff. I want to thank our staff for the excellent work they have done in making this step, toward a better environment in Brock a reality.”

Looking further into the future, Regional Councillor Mike Jubb observed, this move towards an electric fleet is still in its infancy, and there are many opportunities for the township to utilize new technology to lessen the impact on the environment.

"In late 2021, Brock officially declared a climate emergency. Following this, council and staff are looking at every initiative, or report, through a climate lens. I am extremely happy we are putting words to action,” added Councillor Jubb. “Brock's first electric Zamboni purchase is our largest initiative, thus far. This, combined with smaller initiatives, such as automatic water filling stations, electric power tools to maintain grass, and No Mow May, are all initiatives working toward making Brock green. I look forward to further initiatives in the future [which] continue to support our climate emergency declaration".

The township noted, the new ice resurfacer uses advanced lithium-ion batteries which require minimal charging time and will be nearly silent when in operation, allowing for a “more serene environment” at local rinks, while also knowing they are aiding the environment.

“Brock’s new electric ice resurfacing machine means zero tailpipe emissions in the arena and no need to purchase propane. This is a great step toward the carbon-free future we need to achieve. Ultimately the entire fleet of vehicles in the Township will be electric,” added, Ward 4 Councillor, Cria Pettingill.

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