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New Accessible Multi-Sport Court Now Open in Uxbridge

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L-R (back row) Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities Associate Vice President, Operations & Programs Marco Di Buono, MPP Hon. Peter Bethlenfalvy, Canadian Tire Dealer Pat Higgins, Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities President Scott Fraser, M.P. Jennifer O’Connell, Chair and CEO of the Region of Durham John Henry. (Front row) Township of Uxbridge Director of Community Services Amanda Ferraro, Jumpstart Regional Manager Eric Cartlidge. Submitted Photos

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COLLEEN BASKIN, Township of Uxbridge

UXBRIDGE: An impressive new recreation facility in Uxbridge is now open for use. The Jumpstart Inclusive Multi-Sport Court was completed in mid-October and provides accessible courts and recreation space with options for pickleball, volleyball, tennis, basketball and free play. Accessible sports such as wheelchair racquet sports, sit-volleyball and wheelchair basketball can also be played at the court.

This autumn, the inclusive multi-sports court will operate from dawn to dusk on an open-use basis. Lighting at the site and moveable/adjustable basketball nets will be added in the spring. The site will use an open and reserved programming model, which will be developed in conjunction with various user groups who wish to use the space.

The project was a gift to Uxbridge from local Canadian Tire Dealer Pat Higgins and Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities. The inclusive multi-sports court is the first one built by Jumpstart in Canada.

The courts are located in Bonner Fields at 21 Capstick Lane.

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