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Municipal election candidate field taking shape in local municipalities

DAN CEARNS, The Standard

NORTH DURHAM/KAWARTHA: With the nomination deadline approaching fast, the municipal election candidate field is taking shape.

Scugog has one candidate registered to run for each job so far. Current Regional Councillor Wilma Wotten seeks to become the Township’s next Mayor. Ward 1 Councillor Ian McDougall is running to fill the Regional Councillor role. David LeRoy has registered to run for the Ward 1 Councillor job. Janna Guido is seeking re-election as Ward 2 Councillor. Robert Rock is seeking to retain his seat as the Ward 3 Councillor. Harold Wright has registered to run in Ward 4. Ivo Finotti is looking to become the next Ward 5 Councillor.

In Uxbridge, Dave Barton is seeking re-election as the Township’s Mayor. Bruce Garrod and Jack Ballinger will face off for the role of Regional Councillor. The Ward 1 Councillor race will be between incumbent Pam Beach and Dominic Morrissey. In Ward 2, former councillor and Mayor Pat Molloy will face off with Gordon Shreeve. Zed Pickering is the lone candidate in Ward 3. Willie Popp is seeking re-election in Ward 4. The Ward 5 race will be between Todd Snooks and Christine McKenzie.

Walter Schummer, Ryan Williams and Ted Smith are running for Mayor in Brock Township. There is also a three-way race to become the next Regional Councillor, with Michael Jubb, Dorothy Sanderson and David Marquis the candidates. Peter Frank is looking to become the Ward 1 Councillor. Claire Doble is seeking re-election in Ward 2. Angela Canavan is running to become the next Ward 3 Councillor. Cria Pettingill is looking to return to her Ward 4 council seat. In Ward 5, Lynn Campbell is seeking re-election, but she is being challenged by Tony Laundrie.

The Kawartha Lakes election race also continues to develop. The Mayoral race is now between three candidates. Doug Elmslie, Pat Dunn, and William Denby all seeking that job. In Ward 1, there is a three-way race between Don Logan, Raymonde Blais Couture and Jim Harris. Pat Warren and Jamie Brown are running to be the next Ward 2 Councillor. Mike Perry and Doug Dickerson have registered to run in Ward 3. Three candidates have registered to run in Ward 4, including Angel Godsoe, Tyler Richards and Ian Nicolson. There is now a four-way race in Ward 5 between Duncan Gallacher, Eric Smeaton, Wesley Letsholo and Gloria Graham-Weir. Ron Ashmore is seeking re-election in Ward 6, but will be challenged by Gerard Jilesen. In Ward 7, there is a race between Charles McDonald, Zachary Tisdale, Diane Holder and Danielle Willette. Tracy Richardson is looking to retain her seat in Ward 8, but will be challenged by Greg Ward.

Candidates have until this Friday, August 19th, to register to run in the municipal election.

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