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Multiple Townships lift burning restrictions and bans

DAN CEARNS, The Standard

NORTH DURHAM: The Townships of Scugog, Brock and Uxbridge have recently lifted their burning restrictions.

At a meeting, on Monday, June 19th, Scugog Fire Chief Mark Berney announced, the township’s burning restrictions had been lifted as of Saturday, June 17th.

“I just ask that everybody please burn responsibly, [which] includes having a permit,” Fire Chief Mark Berney said.

Those restrictions, which banned all open-air burning, except for recreational fires, had been put in place on Wednesday, June 7th due to dry conditions.

“Restricting open-air burning, at this time, is designed to help reduce the risk to residents, firefighters and property, yet still allow residents to continue to enjoy our waterfront community. Hot temperatures and lack of significant rainfall has contributed to dry ground vegetation [which] can catch fire easily and spread rapidly,” a statement from Chief Berney read, at the time.

The Township of Brock announced, on Thursday, June 15th they had lifted the Township wide burn ban.

“Effective immediately, the burn ban has been lifted and the [risk] rating has been set to High Risk. Recreational, Open Air and Agricultural Burning is permitted, providing residents have a 2023 Burn Permit,” read a statement on Twitter from the Township.

The Township had launched a full burn ban, on Wednesday, May 31st.

Uxbridge lifted its burn ban on June 22nd.

In Kawartha Lakes, a burn ban remains in place.

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