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Movement for Life

By Lauren Walker All Fit/All Ages Gym

I normally get asked the details about how I create a painting. I’m happy to shed some light on my particular experience.

How long does it take you to complete a painting? It really depends on the subject matter and the size. My smallest commission is the following picture, “I’ll always walk beside you,” which is 16×20. Although it is a small painting, it was highly detailed.

This is a picture of a client’s grandchildren, which took me a week and a half. I tend to work a minimum of two hours per day or a maximum of four.

My client loves the end result, so I know my efforts were worth it.

How do you decide what to paint? If I’m being commissioned for a painting, my client gives me a photo reference. Otherwise, I pick images which speak to me. I like vibrant colours! I’ve done everything from landscapes to children’s book covers.

I like a challenge, so I constantly change subject matter.

Did you go to school? I have never been to school or been formally trained in art. That’s not to say I’d discourage anyone from doing so. However, I take courses on my own time at our local Meta 4 gallery.

How do you do that? This is a funny question I get asked a lot! People look at the work I do and ask, “How do you do that? I couldn’t draw a stick figure.” A lot of my experience comes from trial and error. I find a technique which works for me and I stick with it.

I believe anyone can improve their skill with practice. If I can do it, so can you.

Please see my work at the upcoming Port Perry Artists Association Autumn Show, on November 13th to 14th, or visit my website, at, or on Facebook, at

Happy painting!

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