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Moths: Butterflies of the Night


UXBRIDGE: The North Durham Nature club will be hosting a webinar about moths on September 21st at 7 p.m.

Of the roughly 5300 known species of moths and butterflies in Canada, moths represent 90% of this insect group. Not only are moths diverse, they show spectacular patterns and colours when one takes a closer look.

This presentation will explore life histories, how to find moths, the main families and fun facts about them.

James Kamstra is a local ecologist who is familiar with, and has studied many facets of natural history. Insects are a particular passion. He started collecting insects more than 50 years ago, but now uses a camera to record his findings.

To take part in this informative webinar, simply become a member of North Durham Nature, at The cost of membership is only $10 and allows you to participate in the remaining 2021 presentations. As a member, you will automatically be sent a link.

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