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MESSAGE FROM THE MAYOR Mayor Bobbie Drew, Township of Scugog

With the arrival of autumn, we await the changing beauty of the season and cooler weather. The Township Council and Committees along with Regional meetings have resumed, following the summer recess. At the Region, myself and Regional Councillor Wotten continue to advocate for Scugog. Most recently, we were working to advance servicing to our Employment Lands for water and sewer. We were successful in having the Environmental Assessment, for a required sewage pumping station, added to the Regional work plan, and the design and construction referred to the budget process. It is vitally important to have the project identified, and on the list of Regional Capital projects in the near future. Township staff have been very busy preparing our recreation facilities, for safe limited occupancy and use. There has been a lot of work with the local user groups and we are looking to have ice sports available the week of September 28th. You can visit to find more details on the recreational program offerings. These services will remain available, as long as the province permits these activities and we have no exposures to COVID-19 at our facilities. This means we all need to do our part to follow the guidelines put in place for everyone’s safety, and if you are unwell stay home. As well, Township Works staff are continuing work on safe streets, with a Speed Limit Review Study for Scugog coming to Council later this autumn. The Region is also working on the “Vision Zero” to bring traffic deaths down to zero, by making streets safer through speed reductions, red light and speed cameras and roads adjustments. Our 2021 budget deliberations are underway, and you can have your say in the budget process. Visit to complete the 2021 Budget Survey. This is an excellent opportunity to provide your input and feedback regarding the Township Budget. Township By-law staff and the Durham Regional Police Service, north division, continue to work extra time and weekends responding to COVID-19 inquiries. They have been working to help keep our community safe by addressing physical distancing and overcrowding concerns. Thank you to all of you for your dedication to our community. With regular meetings moving ahead virtually, we also continue to deal with and plan for the uncertainties related to COVID-19 and a potential second wave. Over the weekend, the province responded to the increasing case numbers and has limited the number of people permitted at unmonitored and private social gatherings across the province. These new limits are: 10 people at an indoor event or gathering or 25 people at an outdoor event or gathering. The new limits do not apply to staffed businesses and/or facilities. I urge everyone to remain vigilant with COVID-19 health & safety protocols: washing hands frequently or using hand sanitizer, keeping to our social bubbles, maintaining physical distances and wearing a mask when out at area businesses and when distancing is a challenge. We have done well, but now is not the time to let our guard down. Visit for up-to-date information on COVID-19.

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