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Mayor Bobbie Drew, Township of Scugog

We are seeing excellent results from the lockdown in flattening the curve of the second wave. On February 16th, Durham Region Health Unit, comprised all eight area municipalities, was moved from the Lockdown level into Red-Control. We cannot let our guard down, and we must continue to adhere to the health guidelines. I am so pleased that our local restaurants and businesses may slowly begin to reopen. Our local business owners and staff are our friends, neighbours, and family and vital to our community. They support our sports teams, our fundraisers, our township events and charities, and so much more. Now, more than ever before, they need our support. I thank and welcome all those visiting from within Durham Region and urge you to continue to support Scugog businesses while respecting health regulations.

Township of Scugog municipal services will continue virtually in Red-Control. Staff are available by email, phone, virtual meetings, and the drop boxes remain available at the back entrance. Please email to connect directly with a staff member or to make a virtual appointment. Ice was removed on January 16th when the Province’s Stay-at-home order was put into place; therefore, at this time, ice programs will not be available. The Scugog Community Recreation Centre, including the Lookout Youth Centre, will remain closed. In-person and virtual spring recreation programs are anticipated to begin on April 5th.

In Red-Control, community halls and meeting spaces will only be limited to government and health use. Community halls provide an important service in our community, supporting local meetings and events. A report brought forward last week outlined the usage of all the halls across Scugog. The report was for information only, and there has been no decision on the future of community halls. Staff will be creating a community hall consultation plan to hear from the user groups and patrons.

On Monday, February 22nd, Scugog Council approved the Operating Budget. Your Scugog property tax bill is allocated across three service levels, Township of Scugog, Durham Region and the School Boards. The total increase this year will be 2.58 percent, with 1.5 percent going to Scugog primarily to support investing in our roads and other infrastructure. The total average increase in dollars will be approximately $9.96 per month, with $5.71 being the township’s share.

The cold February snap is here, and I am happy to see families in our parks and out on the lake enjoying the fresh air.

A special thank you to John Mackie at Port Perry Marina for creating the incredible skating area. We ask that residents be respectful of the space, leave two metres of distance between each other, wear your masks even when outside and follow all the COVID-19 regulations. Durham Regional Police Service (DRPS) and Scugog By-law will continue to patrol parks and local areas to ensure regulations are being followed.

Fire Chief Berney reminds us that no ice is safe ice. Those looking to snowmobile, skate or ice fish need to check the ice thickness before venturing out, avoid going out alone and wear the right safety equipment. Parents, please remind kids of winter safety as well. Please do not skate or play on storm-water management ponds, do not build forts in roadside snowbanks and large snow piles. They may collapse and snowplows going by could be dangerous. Spend time with your families enjoying the winter activities safely.

Our seasonal patios have been permitted to stay. We have many patio offerings along Queen Street and Water Street. Which we look forward to enjoying on milder days.

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