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MESSAGE FROM MAYOR Bobbie Drew, Township of Scugog

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We continue to operate under a state of emergency in the Township of Scugog in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Our community entered stage 3 of the provincial reopening plan on July 23rd, and we are all adjusting to this stage. In August, the North Durham COVID Assessment Centre opened, and is temporarily located at the Prince Albert Hall, 19 Jeffrey Street, Port Perry. The North Durham COVID Assessment Centre is a partnership with doctors and nurses from Uxbridge and Lakeridge Health. If you would like to be tested for COVID-19, please visit to book a free appointment. As our community continues to move forward in stage 3, it has been nice to see local businesses open and people visiting the shops and spending time at the many area restaurants and patios. With the openings, problems have been identified regarding physical distances along Queen Street. In response, the Queen Street Pedestrian Project was brought forward in an effort to enhance physical distancing along the Queen Street corridor on weekends. This was a collaborative effort between the Township and the Downtown Port Perry BIA. The Township developed a plan at the request of the BIA for the Queen Street Pedestrian Project, and work continued in early July refining the concept that addressed the needs of the BIA, tenants and the community. After the four week pilot, it has been decided to not continue this project and the street will now be open on weekends. There were several factors that influenced this decision including; the COVID-19 numbers remaining low in our Region, the mandatory mask order to enter all businesses and the BIA Board’s decision to discontinue this project. This initiative was one of many innovative ideas implemented to address the priority of health and safety of our residents. Thank you to the Township of Scugog staff and to the BIA for their efforts to collaborate during an already difficult time for businesses. Special thanks goes to Birgitta MacLeod, Chair of the BIA for her leadership during this project. The road to recovery is challenging and working together is key. We have received a lot of feedback regarding the Queen Street Pedestrian Project and I would like to highlight how members of the public can interact with the Township on this and other projects. For the pedestrian project, comments may be posted at This is our online community engagement site, allowing residents to share their ideas and opinions on municipal projects, at For all Township news and updates, I encourage you to subscribe to, or follow us on TownshipofScugog or on Twitter @TwpofScugog. Supporting local is being embraced by many during the pandemic. I would like to congratulate the Port Perry Farmers Market as they have had a tremendous turnout every Saturday, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. There is an excellent array of fresh and unique products, and many of you agree. Thank you for supporting our local market and businesses.


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