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Local Lindsay museum unveils an exhibit on the Lindsay Post's history

DAN CEARNS The Standard

KAWARTHA LAKES: The Kawartha Lakes Museum and Archives recently unveiled a new exhibit on the history of the Lindsay Post.

An official opening event was held at the local museum, located on Victoria Avenue in Lindsay, on Thursday, March 28th. The exhibit is titled “Our History Through the Lindsay Post.”

Managing Director Barbara Doyle explained this project has been on the museum’s “radar for a while,” stating it has been “a year long project.”

“Our team has been working diligently to preserve the history of the Lindsay Daily Post over several years through multiple projects,” she explained.

The local museum, formerly known as the Old Gaol Museum, was able to make this project come to completion with a $119,000 grant from Canadian Heritage, through a digital heritage stream.

The work involved digitizing editions of the Lindsay Post as well as scanning and uploading image negatives.

An email from Ms. Doyle described this exhibit as an opportunity to take people “on a journey through the evolution of our town's newspaper business, spotlighting the exceptional work of Alan Roy Capon, a renowned photographer and editor at the Lindsay Post during the 1960s.”

The website for the online exhibit describes it as “an outstanding narrative of journalistic resilience, community engagement, and the enduring significance of this small town paper.”

This exhibition is available to view online by going to The Kawartha Lakes Museum and Archives is located at 50 Victoria Avenue North, near Kawartha Lakes City Hall.

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