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Letter to the Editor: Dr. Sanford

Dear Editor,

Several posts I have read claim they either “found” God in Ottawa or they “took/are taking” God/Jesus to the convoy. These people, while claiming to be Christians, are supporting people who were inhibiting the freedoms of most of the citizens of that city, our capital city at that!

Think about this- If you know your Bible, recall that the chief priests and scribes came to Jesus determined to trick him. They showed him a coin and ask him who it belonged to and who he would serve. His answer was “give to God what is God’s and to Caesar (being the government of the day) what is Caesars!” That is certainly not what the convoy is doing nor are those who support them! Go home, please!

I am a senior senior. I have done a bit of world travelling and have lived in other countries. No country on earth is as free as Canada, including the USA. Wherever I went I was advised to wear a Canadian lapel pin, mostly to distinguish us from Americans, but also because Canada was looked up to around the world.

I have sung the National Anthem with pride and enjoyed all the freedoms our maple leaf flag provides for us, but I will never sing that song or wave that flag with the same enthusiasm again, because, it has been besmirched, fouled by pseudo patriots, who think having to get a needle to save their lives and the lives of all around them is loss of freedom.

You have to go to school, you have to use seat belts, you have to get licenses for this and that. How dreadful, the government, whatever level, “forces” you to do all these things, to help save your life.

Its not about pandemic mandates any more, if it ever was really. If you have been paying attention to real media, you would know, quite possibly, in a month, most of that will be gone, to the detriment of we seniors, and those with lung problems, or who are immuno-compromised etc.

There are legal elections. If you don’t like the gov’t of the day, that’s the place and time to show your concern.

Dr. Patricia M. Asling, Sandford

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